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  • Participation in this contest can be individual or as a team of maximum 2. Each participant can register individually.
  • Once the contest starts, their submission will be counted to the team they belong.
  • To create a team, one of the user (who is also the team head) has to go to the TechnoHunt and click on Reference id in it to specify their partner.
  • That's all! Once the competition starts, you will have three rounds.
  • Go through the following steps to register your team:
    • Click on the TechnoHunt a and register your team for the contest.
    • You can get more information about team contests here.
    • If you do not have a Techno Hunt ID create one here.
Level 1: Quiz

Quiz competition is a pursuit of trivial Knowledge, encouraging students to achieve academic excellence and Increase their awareness of the world around them Who can Participate Team Must be comprised of 2. Restricted to the students pursuing the bachelors. In This level, there will be C, C++, HTML, CSS, CORE Java and other types of questions. It will contain 20 questions. Maximum time for Quiz Round is 30 minutes.

Level 2: Blind Coding

Blind coding will consist of two options either HTML or C. Moreover,from the given two options you have to choose only one option and complete the given task with proper output. Maximum time for level-2 is 60 minutes. Maximum 3 pairs will be selected for level-3.

  • Only problem statement will be provided.
  • One participant need to type the code in Text Editor with MONITORS SWITCHED OFF and other participant have to GUIDE their partner.
  • 60 minutes will be given to each participant.
  • Winners will be announced based on the results of compilation and execution.
In case of TIE:
  • TIE breaking problem statement will be given and time will be monitored.

This task will be a problem solving task in which you have to pick up a chit and have to code based upon the problem written on it. Maximum time for level-3 is 60 minutes. Top 3 among the selected competitors will be selected and prize will be given to those top 3 pairs. In level 3, you can submit code from any one of the account and it will be counted as an individual submission. Any case of code plagiarism will result in disqualification of both the users from the contest.

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